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Business Owners Institute® (BOI) is management mentoring system that provides advice and guidance for small business owners and their teams through a hands on approach (in the trenches). BOI guides our clients and customers though the up’s and down’s of business.Our team of experts enable small business owners and their teams to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to create a more productive and profitable business. Our philosophy is,The more you know, the more you grow.

Jim Roman, Director of Results

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Minority Business Development offers the Money Smart Program for entrepreneurs considering the establishment of a new business in Richmond. The Money Smart curriculum includes: banking services, credit reporting,financial management, insurance, risk management, organization formation, record keeping, selling a business &succession planning, tax planning, and time management.

Pat Foster

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The Alliance provides a range of workforce development courses including courses that assist in starting a new business. CCWA also provides training in workplace technology, leadership training, business writing and communications, customer service skills, human resource management, language skills, interpersonal and organizational skills, productivity and process improvement,project management, and six sigma &lean techniques.


Louis L. McGinty

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MAXX Potential provides on-the-job training in software development to locals, and affordable technology services to entrepreneurs and businesses globally. MAXX Potential is a New Richmond Ventures portfolio company.


Kim Mahan

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Randolph-Macon College offers majors in economics, business, and accounting, all of which are designed to provide a student with a wide perspective and the ability to meet the challenges of the future.


Richard Meagher

REAP provides comprehensive job training and meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities. Training includes: computer training,inventory management with scanning system, website storefront and cash register system. REAP aims to train people for more than entry level positions.


Karen Hannon

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The University of Richmond – Robins School of Business strives to imbue its students with world-class business education. With teachers who are experts in their field and learning that takes place beyond the classroom,the student will be able to foster relationships with leading businesses and develop a global outlook in the world of business.


Eric Martin

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The da Vinci Center is a collaboration of VCU’s Schools of the Arts, Business, Engineering and College of Humanities and Sciences. da Vinci Center is a unique collegiate model that advances innovation and entrepreneurship through interdisciplinary collaboration. The academic and other program offerings of the da Vinci Center aim to create T-shaped individuals: individuals who are anchored in a discipline and have the capacity and openness to span across disciplines. Currently the Center offers an Undergraduate Degree in Product Innovation and a Master of Product Innovation. Students participating in the da Vinci Center view innovation and entrepreneurship from multiple disciplinary perspectives, and thus, are prepared for the 21st Century workforce by more robustly approaching the innovation/entrepreneurship endeavor.


David Holland

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Virginia State University offers bachelor degrees in Accounting, Management Information Systems, Management, Management with a concentration in Human Resources, and Marketing. VSU offers minors in Accounting,Cyber Security and Forensics, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, and Marketing. VSU’s unique small group role-play with industry curriculum consists of over 250 industry participants.


Jonathan Young

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The Virginia Union operates the Center for Small Business Development which works to expand business ownership among African Americans and other underrepresented populations. The Center for Small Business Development offers a Small Business Certification Program, Small Business Seminars and an Internship program.


Tanya Scott-Hickman

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The Workforce Investment Board’s “Employee Development and Retention Services” is a program in which a business can receive training for its employees and help to build a trained workforce. There four areas for instruction are training, financial literacy workshops, assessment, and development.


Elsie Best

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