Capital One & Hands On


November 2015 - We hosted an event with Capital One's Future Edge program team, and Hands On Greater Richmond.  Together we discussed working to support broader economic opportunity and poverty alleviation in our under-resourced communities.  This work to support diverse economic growth and job creation sits at the heart of the EDA and is only made possible through strong collaboration with the private sector.  Inclusion is a part of the solution; as are scaleable technologies.  We're seeing substantive opportunities to establish Richmond as a Top 10 Startup City.  "Empower. Greater Good." encapsulates our commitment to market-based entrepreneurial opportunities which achieve societal benefit and commercial returns.  Some of the ideas which surfaced from the discussion, included:  a shared back office service center, joint procurement program, and an expansion of capital access.

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RVA Works Presentation Hands On - Capital One Nov2015.pdf

RVA Works Handout Hands On - Capital One Nov2015.pdf