Lighthouse Labs works with select high growth tech startups as a mentor-driven, short term acceleration program. Lighthouse leverages a network of over 100 experienced entrepreneurs, business specialists and investors to launch new startups over a three month period. The first month focuses on uncovering the full potential of the business idea. The second month focuses on building the idea and perfecting its processes and means of production. The third month is centered around scaling the concept and preparing for seed stage funding. All participants in the accelerator program are provided with funding and space to participate in the program. Lighthouse Labs also offers a series of other programs over the course of the year geared to prepare high potential startups for acceleration and growth.Lighthouse Labs can also provide Startup Finance and Physical Space through their programs.


Todd Nuckols

The Innovation Gateway provides hands-on assistance and a range of pre-acceleration programs to entrepreneurial students and faculty focused on commercialization of research.


Nicole Colomb Monk

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